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Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

Thursday, November 30   5:30 to 6:45 PM

 Charlie Joseph Senior Citizen Center  

Thanks to our neighbors, for the combined meal!

  • We enjoyed the food brought by our neighbors and Brenda Bell asked the blessing.

  • We introduced ourselves and there was a total of 17 neighbors attending plus our special guests: Councilman Gaffney,  ? from Public Works Dept., Sargent Strait, and Lieutenant ?


  •  (public Works dude) to explained about sidewalks and answer questions about our neighborhood concerns. He suggested always calling 360 City and ask for “Code Enforcement” to report anything so that it gets prioritized. Also ask for “Risk Management” to report a city tree down. 

    • He reported that there is a Truck Rout Program that should soon help with the Simi problems – to be implemented this next year.


  • JSO representative Sargent Strait answered questions with his main suggestion to call it in. 

    • The main topic was the boys home and neighbor concerns.  After some discussion Tom McLeod suggested we work on several solutions including more involvement and research.  Counselman Gaffney promised to speak with Willie Green the CEO of the boy’s home. 

    • One other topic was speeding and Sargent Strait took down street names and promised to put radar on those streets.  

Councilman Gaffney offered his cell phone to use for any further problems we may have.  (904) 349-7534

Announcements and Upcoming Events

  • Next Door – get the app or sign up at

  • Christmas Party Dec. 15 for our neighborhood kids, call Bunny Baker at (904)609-9406

  • Next Month’s Meeting January 25   same local, same time.
    Pot Luck meal is requested for our January meeting. 

6:45 - Close Meeting – Tom McLeod

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