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Neighborhood Meeting

Thursday, October 26th 5:30 to 6:45 PM

 Charlie Joseph Senior Citizen Center (6943 Buffalo Ave.)
Thanks to our neighbor, Brenda Bell for the Sandwiches!

Thanks to our neighbor Gerrie Ford-Hardin for securing the Center’s use.

  • After a blessing on the food and meeting by Tom McLeod, we enjoyed the food brought by our neighbor Brenda Bell and discussed our next meeting date. (Nov. 30)

  • We introduced ourselves and there was a total of 20 neighbors attending

  • We updated each other on the results of the storm and shared blessings on many counts.

  • Recent break-ins along Lawton were discussed and we all agreed the best prevention is if we all keep our eyes open (and watch out for one another). 

  • Councilman Reggie Gaffney arrived just in time to share with us what the city is willing and ready to do for our neighborhood.

    • Money in city budget already exists for the sidewalks.  (please add any sidewalk you think needs to be put in or repaired on Panama Park Facebook Page)

    • Money already designated toward our Panama Park.  ($100,000) Some ideas for the park were a Waterpark, Park Staff, new equipment, and/or fencing off and locking Park after hours. After a discussion, it was agreed that more than equipment, we need our park to be monitored with an activities person who will be there for the community. (money will go away if we don’t use it)

    • Councilman Gaffney gave his personal cell phone to use as a last resort when working with the city: (904) 349-7534

    • Next month’s meeting Councilman Gaffney will do his best to bring a representative from our city’s:

      • Parks and Recreation Department (our park)

      • Public Works Department (speeding and sidewalks)

      • Sherriff’s Department (speeding and crime)

  • Announcements and Upcoming Events

  • – Sign up on Nextdoor app for more info -

  • Sherriff’s Watch Meetings 7:00 PM Third Thursdays (Nov16th)

  • Next Month’s Meeting November 30 (Thursday) same location, same time.

6:45 - Close Meeting   

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