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Give Back

There is always a way to give to your neighborhood!

We are a community, a neighborhood and only made better by people like you reaching out to your neighbors!  We want to let you know the ways to volunteer and give. 

Volunteering is the most valuable because it takes a village to make this place a home we are proud of.  Please contact Roxie McLeod  at 904-515-7944 if you want to know ways to volunteer. 

Give of your things.  We want to be able to help our neighbors when in need, so if you are finding yourself with extra stuff that might help another neighbor, let us know!  We want to eventually be able to help our neighbors by fixing fences, porches, roofs, etc.  

Give money toward the things we are doing to strengthen our neighborhood and make it a wonderful place to raise your kids and grow old.  You can give on line through Paypal Giving Fund.  


Venmo - @PanamaPark  if they ask the last 4 digits of the phone number, use 7944   



Let’s Work Together

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