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June 23, 2022  

Thursday, June 23, 2022   5:30 - 6:45 PM  

 (These Meeting Notes were Approved 7-28-22)

 Charlie Joseph Senior Citizen Center (Special thanks to Willie staying late!)


Attendance: 9 neighbors in total


5:30 – Pot Luck Dinner of Hotdogs and more!  

5:45 – Opening – Roxie opened the meeting and asked for introductions including Summer Memories.  

5:55 -  - Minutes from the last meeting – Roxie moderated and the meeting minutes from April 28 were accepted – no discussion.  Motion to accept was by Mary and seconded by Rob.

6:00 –  Guest Mincy Pollock (for FL House) was our guest speaker and he shared stories and his goal if he can stand for our district (14) in Tallahassee.  He grew up here and wants to make a difference in our education, increase economic growth, and prioritize affordable housing. Mincy shared personal stories and answered questions that showed he means to make a difference for Jacksonville in Tallahassee.


6:25 – We Debriefed about the Come Together listing things to keep and things to add for next time.  (See list on back or below)


6:35 – Call for any Neighbor interested in being a co-host on their own street for a smaller block party.  This person would only have to help connect, invite, and coordinate the party with our help and equipment that we use at the larger Panama Park Come Together events.  Please let Roxie McLeod know if you are interested in making it happen on your street!  (904) 515-7944


6:40 – New business – The topic of 4 wheeler and bikes up and down Buffalo and in the park that are disturbing the peace.  We are to keep calling it in and there was a vote to invite the Zone Commander for our police zone to our next meeting.  Tom McLeod will be inviting her to attend and listen to our concerns. 

6:45 - Announcements and Upcoming Events

  • Our Website:

  • Next Door - Get the app or sign up online at

  • Facebook Page - Panama Park Neighbors @PanamaParkNeighbors

  • Sheriff’s Watch Meeting Now meet on WebEx and Carolina appts.

  • Northwest CPAC Meeting Meet every second Thursday evening.

  • Next Month’s PPNA Meeting July 28 - Pot Luck


6:50 – Close Meeting – Meeting was closed by Roxie



door prizes

face painting


Kona Ice

welcome tent

rent tents and extra chairs they set up!!!

back up Emcee - and back up one! Stefanie was wonderful!

the tent with sides is good for the face painting.helps with the line.

Fire Truck and police were a safety factor that helped.


games section - Jenga corn hole, horse shoe, etc. and plenty of people to volunteer at these stations.

Nurses tent - with 1st aid kit and extra water or maybe wet cloths

More people to man the bouncy house!!! Make a script for the bouncy house person and a mega phone?

walki talkis for coordinators

Waters at horse station!

Second Emcee designated for getting sponsors mentioned and up to mic.

Signs pointing to where the horses are

Get Door Prizes from Lowes 2-3 months earlier. Use Reggie Ford. Include plants and bushes too.

ping pong paddles and balls. with Ping pong table.

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