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PP Neighborhood Meeting Minutes
September 28, 2023  


PP Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

Thursday, Sept. 28, 2023, 5:30 - 6:45 PM

Charlie Joseph Senior Citizen Center


5:30 - Sign and EAT 11 neighbors attended this meeting.


5:50 - Open Meeting and Introductions Roxie opened with a blessing prayer for the food.


6:00 - Minutes from the last meeting (Moved:Agnes  Seconded:Bill  Accepted:Yes )

6:05 – Community Garden – Committee Report

  1. Grant – City grant for up to $5,000 – Agnes will help Roxie get this filled out.

  2. Garden Club of Jacksonville Invitation October 24 Joyce will call for details.

  3. Sign design – Agnes has designed a sign and all looked at it.

  4. Getting the Word (neighbors, businesses, etc)

 Suggestion: Extraordinaire Men of Jax.

  1. City said new budget year is Oct. 1st and that is when they will put in for the water and electricity.

  2. No word on the mouth art item for our garden. No fencing has been donated yet.

  3. Ashantee Green from soil and water will be a guest in the next few months. 


6:15 – Guest Speaker – Kim Lasseter – Financial Advisor

Was neighbor and landlord in this neighborhood.

She spoke on finances and making sure you have money saved for emergencies, retirement, and your grandchildren.  She offered the free book Called “How Money Works, Stop Being a Sucker” to anyone interested in a meeting with her.  Call Roxie for her contact info.


6:30 -  Oct. 30 is Meet Your Neighbor Day – Sit on your porch and talk to your neighbors. Also anyone who is interested in putting on a block party, contact Roxie McLeod (904) 515-7944 for assistance.


6:40  – New Business? Jan mentioned the need to help find homes for the stray dogs.  She was successful to do so by using Next Door.  Roxie will check with the city regarding the animal shelter care and have a guest come talk about it. She also brought up that there is trash on the main street bridge and we might clean it up on one of our work days.  And maybe we can request trash cans be installed on the bridge.  She also mentioned the homeless people under the bridge.  We were all encouraged to call when we see them.


6:45 – Closed meeting with the following announcements.

  • Our Website:           Police (904)  630-0500

  • Next Door - Get the app or sign up online at

  • Facebook Page - Panama Park Neighbors @PanamaParkNeighbors

  • Northwest CPAC meeting Oct. 19, 6:00pm Lincoln Villa Senior Center, 7866 New Kings Rd

  • Sheriff’s Watch – SIAA, Tuesday Oct. 24th, 210 West 7th St. at 6:00 PM   Zone 1.  

  • Next Month’s PPNA Meeting is Oct. 26- Pot Luck (4th Thursday)

Garden Meeting Notes:

Community Garden Meeting Minutes

Sept. 28, 2023


Look at past notes from previous meeting and approve it. - Bill moved to accept and Agnes seconded and all approved the meeting minutes from Aug. 24th. 

 Next Garden Meeting will be at 5:00 PM right before our Oct. 26 meeting.

Work-day Oct. Saturday the 7th. We will at least do some clean up. 

 1.    Grant – City grant for up to $5,000 - Agnes will help Roxie apply for this before due date of Dec. 11. 2023.

2.   Garden Club of Jacksonville Invitation October 24 (volunteers needed) Joyce will call them to ask details. She will report back to Roxie and save us a table.  

3.   Sign design - Agnes - Everyone looked at the designs, and there were no comments. All seemed to be OK with them because there were no other suggestions, but there was no vote. 

4.   Getting the Word (neighbors, businesses, etc) - Letters of request were offered, as well as trifold brochures were offered  for all to take.  

It was suggested that we talk to the Extordinair men of Jacksonville to see how involved they would like to be in the garden. 

5.   City said the new budget year is Oct. 1st and that is when they will put in for the water and electricity.

6.   No word on the mouth yet.

7. Donations - James Eddie suggested we ask at the dollar store for donations because their garden items are marked at 50% off. 

Bill was asked about the job of a garden manager, but he said that there isn’t anything there yet, indicating that he may be willing to manage once there is a garden in existence and only a few hours a week.   

Neighborhood Meeting Highlights:

Next Garden Work Day: Oct. 7

Saturday, Oct. 7th 8:00-11:00 AM        

  1. Report on the Garden meeting (see end of full Meeting Notes)

  2. Guest speaker - Kim Lasseter who spoke on better money management.

  3. Meet Your Neighbors Day Oct. 1. And Please plan a block party and let us help! 

  4. New business - Jan asked if we could get a trash can from the city put in at the Main street bridge, help with the homeless under the bridge, and ideas for how to solve the stray dog issue in our neighborhood.   We will check with the city.   


Next Association Meeting is Oct. 26th, 2023 (4th Thursday)

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