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PP Neighborhood Meeting Minutes
April 25, 2024  

PP Neighborhood Meeting Minutes
Thursday, April 25, 2024, 5:30 - 6:45 PM
Charlie Joseph Senior Citizen Center 

5:30 – 9 Neighbors were in attendance and ate potluck together.
6:00 – Meeting opened by Roxie McLeod
6:00 – Reading of Mission and Vision Statements
6:02 - Minutes from the last meeting (Moved_ Agnes     Seconded: __Kristy Kennedy_    Accepted:  __YES___ )
6:05 –Community Garden – Committee Report

  • Garden Work-Days May 4 and May 18 - 9:00 AM to 11:00 Re-mulching because Compost Jax just gave us more mulch and compost.

  • May 1st is Zoo Poop!!! 6:00 AM  Volunteers to Collect some!

  • Water meter request and electricity up-date. – Approved water meter, electricity after water.

  • Update on Fence. Calling and emailing each week – person in charge has been out of the office this week. We do not have a date for the fence yet.

  • Sign Thank you notes – Ace, Lowes, HD,Councilwoman Pittman, Parks, Garden Shack, Compost, Cyprus, Liberty Landscaping, Each person signed them.  Thank you!

  • Spread the word! – flyers – Everyone took some.  Anyone can work in the garden anytime.

6:23 – New Business:  

Sewer Repair on Buffalo – Large truck issues – James Eddy will follow up.

Block Parties – Reviewed how to start one on your street and the help that our association will give.

Spot Light / Memory Lane – We need a volunteer to help with media for our association and garden.

6:40 – Old Business:

Everyone signed the letter to welcome the new business in PP. on the corner of Buffalo and Trout River Rd. Roxie will deliver as soon as they move into their office. 

6:45 - Close meeting with the announcements below… 

●     Our Website:  Police (904) 630-0500  One call 630-CITY (2489)
●     Next Door - Get the app or sign up online at
●     Facebook Page - Panama Park Neighbors @PanamaParkNeighbors
●     NW CPAC meeting May 9 , 6:00pm Legends Center, 5130 Soutel Dr.
●     Next Sheriff’s Watch  - May 21 at 6:00PM SIAA Building 210 W. 7th Street.
●     Next Month’s PPNA Meeting is May 23 (4th Thursday)  Bring a neighbor!

6:55 Meeting was adjourned.

Mission Statement: “Cultivating a flourishing neighborhood by leveraging our resources to build a safe, resilient and inclusive community and promote neighborhood pride.

Vision Statement: “Uniting Panama Park Neighbors to produce a thriving community”.


Highlights for April 25 Meeting


Great discussions on the progress in our garden and the lack of progress on Buffalo Ave. where the sewer is being repaired.  We will be checking on the restrictions for heavy trucks on our streets.

Thank you notes were signed for all those chipping in to help with the Community Garden and for welcoming new neighbors.


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