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PP Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

 PP Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

Thursday, Dec. 28, 2023, 5:30 - 6:45 PM

Charlie Joseph Senior Citizen Center


5:30 - Sign and EAT (We had 6 neighbors gather including one for the first time.)

5:50 - Open Meeting with prayer


5:55 -  Introductions (Your best Christmas present this year)

    We also started the meeting by reading our Mission Statement and Vision Statement.


6:05 - Minutes from the last meeting (Moved:  Agnes  Seconded:  Bill  Accepted: YES)


6:10 – Community Garden – Committee Report

  • We have Sprouts!!! Bill Reported (planted Dec. 2nd by Rob and Angela)

  • Grant Application turned in on time.

  • Ask people for donations by the end of the year and it can be a tax write off.

  • The city still has not responded to my calls and emails about the water meter.

  • Next work day will be Jan. the 6th, time changed to 10:00 AM to noon.

  • Roxie, ask Home Depot and Lowes for stickers that may work on our signs.

6:35 – Old Business:

Stray Dogs and Cats Reminders:

Do not feed any animals outside your home. Keep all trash covered with tight lid.Tell you neighbors to do the same.


6:40  – New Business:

Meeting Speaker Ideas for next year.  Suggestions: 

  • Police to be invited to all our meetings

  • JCobe – our city councel woman. – Nancy will ask her.

  • ASCP to come tell us about the animals

  • Health trucks like the Tooth truck – Nancy will check on these.

  • Comedian


6:45 - Close meeting with the announcements below… 

  • Our Website:           Police (904)  630-0500

  • Next Door - Get the app or sign up online at

  • Facebook Page - Panama Park Neighbors @PanamaParkNeighbors

  • Northwest CPAC meeting Jan. 11, 6:00pm Lincoln Villa Senior Center, 7866 New Kings Rd

  • Sheriff’s Watch – SIAA, Thurs. Jan 18th 210 West 7th St. at 6:00 PM   Zone 1.  

  • Next Month’s PPNA Meeting is Thursday, Jan. 25, 2024.


Mission Statement: “Cultivating a flourishing neighborhood by leveraging our resources to build a safe, resilient and inclusive community and promote neighborhood pride.”

Vision Statement: “Uniting Panama Park Neighbors to produce a thriving community”.  


Meeting Highlights 

PP Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

Thursday, Dec. 28, 2023

Next Garden Work Day:

Saturday, Jan 6  at 10:00 - 12:00 AM 

 Six Neighbors met to approve last month's meeting notes.

We got a Garden Committee Report that there are now SPROUTS!

Our next Garden Work Day will be Saturday the 6th of Jan. from 10 - 12.

We discuss old business including stray cats and dogs.  We all agreed to help prevent strays by not feeding any animals outside and keeping all trash secured with a tight lid.  We will encourage all our neighbors to do the same.  

Next Association Meeting is Jan. 25, 2024 (4th Thursday)

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