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November 18, 2021 (not approved until next meeting Jan. 27, 2022)  

PP Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

Thursday, November 18, 2021   5:30 - 6:45 PM

Charlie Joseph Senior Citizen Center (Special thanks to Willie for keeping it open for us)


Attendance: 17 neighbors total


5:30 - Sign in sheet and activity of altering our signs for the movie.


5:45 – Opening - Roxie McLeod opened the meeting with a blessing for the food (which was pot luck beans, greens, rice, mac n cheese, dip and chips, a relish plate and sweets like pumpkin cookies and apples sauce).

6:00 - Introduction of all present (Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition/food)

6:05 - Guest from Supervisor of Elections Office – Robert Phillips – Chief Elections Officer explained why there is an election on Dec. the 7th, how to get your absentee ballot and the importance of knowing where to vote early. (for this neighborhood it is right here at the Charlie Joseph Center 6943 Buffalo Ave. He explained the changed laws and stressed the importance of requesting your absentee ballot each year now. This can be done on line or by calling their office.  or call at: (904) 255-8683

He reported that approximately 2/3 of the mail ins already received are Democratic. He answered questions from the group, and shared stories from when he grew up here in this neighborhood and played ball here in our park.

6:20 - Minutes from the last meeting – Mary moved we accept the meeting minutes and it was seconded by Ronald. November minutes were approved by a voice vote. 

We thanked all who came for the Neighborhood Clean Up on Nov. 13th.


6:22 – Plans for Dec. 4 Movie in the Park

It’s a GO! – donations of drinks, ice, and $192 so far!  

Volunteer – we voted to have a Clean up of park at 9:00 AM Dec. 4th

The budget of the Movie night was shared and all were encouraged to Donate.

Come to the Sr. Cit. Center on Thursday, December 2nd at 3:00PM to help put out signs for the movie we need your help.


6:30 – Discuss and Plan Christmas Meeting on the 16th. We voted to make this a party with games and finger food snacks.  We voted for everyone to bring a wrapped gift under $5.00 value for one of the games.  If you can’t bring a gift or snack, please give what $ you can to Roxie and she will take care of it for you. 


6:40 – CPAC Meeting (join via zoom) – Volunteer to join.

We tried to join their meeting by zoom, but without luck.  We are asking for any volunteer to represent our association at these monthly meetings where we can have a stronger voice in front of our city officials. 

6:45 - Announcements and Upcoming Events

  • Our Website:

  • Next Door - Get the app or sign up online at

  • Facebook Page - Panama Park Neighbors @PanamaParkNeighbors

  • Sheriff’s Watch Meeting Now meet on WebEx

  • Northwest CPAC Meeting Meet every second Thursday evening.

  • Next Month’s PPNA Meeting December 16 - Pot Luck


6:50 – Close Meeting – Rev. Taylor closed our meeting with a short prayer.

Movie Night Expenses

Park Permit


Event Insurance


Movie License



bags for popcorn




Printing Flyers


Gas for the Generator.



Total $620.00

Meeting Highlights:

     Most Neighbors in attendance in years!

Guest Speaker: Robert Phillips – Chief Elections Officer

Mr. Phillips explained to us the changes and importance of requesting your absentee ballot.  This can be done on line at:  or call at: (904) 255-8683

Dec. 4 Movie in the Park 5:30 PM

We need you!  Volunteer, spread the word and/or donate.

Check our web site or call Roxie (904) 515-7944

Dec. 16 our next neighborhood meeting will be a PARTY instead!

Please come with a Christmas Snack to share and a wrapped present under $5.00 in value.  We will play games and have fun meeting new neighbors.










The link can be found on our website!



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