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PP Neighborhood Meeting Minutes


PP Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

November 30, 2023


5:30pm  Meeting opened, We had 10 people in attendance.  2 more came in late and were present for the voting. 

5:35  We have combined the Community Garden meeting with the regular meeting.

We have had over $1000 worth of money and supplies donated for the community garden.

Lowes have donated supplies from the Northside location and Arlington Location.

At the November 4, 2023 clean up, 5 kids  showed up and they were a great help!  This is what a community garden is all about.

Next Garden meeting is Dec 28, 2023 at 5pm.

Next work day is this Sat Dec 2, 2023. (we will be doing a work day each first and third Saturday of the month.)


Still no word on when we will have water hook up. A neighbor behind the garden has volunteered to use her water.  James Eddy offered to speak with our Counsel woman about it.


Working on getting a grant from the city for $5000. This grant will be used to build a platform deck. A rough draft was presented by Roxie and all had a chance to comment and edit.

Reggie Moved to approve the application for the city matching Grant. James seconded. The motion passed 10-0.


Looking at creating arrow signs to signify our sponsors, looking for volunteer artists.


6:00 pm

Extraordinary Men of Jacksonville's President, David Cooper attended and announced a Christmas toy give away on Dec. the 16th from 10 to 2 at the park. 

6:00 Motion for approval of last months meeting by James second Reggie. Approved by majority.

6:10  We did a Thanksgiving related game about names. Also who the most Thanksgiving.

Old Business


6:20 A group of women have been praying for our area. See Roxie if interested in joining.


New Business

Trash pick up on main street Saturday 9th  2023


Both Roxie and Tom will be joining CPAC and have applied to be members.  


Next meeting is Dec 28, 2023.

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