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PP Neighborhood Meeting Minutes
Nov. 17, 2022  


Charlie Joseph Senior Citizen Center

5:30 - We had 8  neighbors bring food to share. 
5:45 - Roxie opened the meeting with prayer
5:55 - Introductions including a new neighbor who is down helping his sister.  We also each shared a favorite food at Thanksgiving time. 
6:05 - Minutes from the last meeting - Ellen moved we accept, Agnes seconded and all were in favor of accepting the meeting notes. 

6:10 – Roxie gave a report on the Blue Zones Project meeting she attended the night before.  There were many encouraging items that go along with the community garden and possibilities for improving our neighborhood in the area of being  more healthy.  

6:20 - Community Garden proposal was edited together and will be sent to the exchange office for suggestions.  Then sent to the Parks Dept. this month asking for the land in the North East corner of the Panama Park for the garden. There was discussion on the garden and it’s location.  There was a request for anyone to step up to help in organizing the details for the garden.  


  • Our Website:

  • Next Door - Get the app or sign up online at

  • Facebook Page - Panama Park Neighbors @PanamaParkNeighbors

  • Sheriff’s Watch Meeting - No more till January (normally every 3rd Thus eve.

  • Northwest CPAC Meeting Meet every second Thursday evening.  

  • Next Month’s PPNA Meeting December 22 - Pot Luck (4th Thursday) AND this time it will be a Christmas Party!

6:45  – Close Meeting - Roxie


 Blue Zones Project notes:

Birthed out of the book by Dan Buettner who found parts of the world where people were living longer. - BZP has boiled it down to “Power 9” lifestyle habits.  (see the color circle)


Blue Zones Project is a global movement inspiring people to live better, longer by offering individuals, organizations, and communities to make permanent changes to the environments where they live, learn, work and play which make healthy choices easier.  

BZP wants to create focus on root causes and make changes by focusing on the 3 pillars:  People, Policy, Places  (last night’s meeting focused on examples of how policies can be changed and can make a difference).  

Eg. Tulsa - Dollar General; Tampa - Road diet


BZP has chosen to focus on certain cities and now Jacksonville is one of them.  Through research, it has been shown that location more than genetics affect our health.  BZP has chosen Jacksonville and more specifically 5 zip codes.  (see map on flier) 

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