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JANUARY 25, 2018

Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

Thursday, January 25, 2018   5:30 to 6:45 PM

 Charlie Joseph Senior Citizen Center 

Thanks to our neighbors, for the combined meal!

  • We enjoyed the food brought by our neighbors- Special thanks to Mary.

  • We introduced ourselves plus our special guests: Councilman Gaffney and Dr. Williams his assistant, and Paul G. and Bishop Johnson from Norwood neighborhood association.

  • We read the notes from November’s meeting and Councilman comment.

    • He mentioned that code enforcement has been doing more citing’s.

    • Neighbors mentioned that there has been a little more JSO presence.

    • He had followed up on connecting with Panama Park Youth Service. 

It was agreed upon that our neighborhood will “work with” Panama Park Youth Services by first going to them and having a cookout at their location and just starting by getting to know the boys.  This is to be planned for sometime in the Spring – Councilman Gaffney will speak to Mr. Green about this.  It was discussed that interaction with the boys will make the greatest impact.  Other suggestions were: Volunteer there, more activities in the park with team sports, weigh training equipment.

  •   Councilman Gaffney also brought up Park funds and it was agreed that our next meeting will on the topic of funds to spend on our park.  He will invite Daryll Joseph the Director of Parks to our next meeting. 

  • Panama Park Neighborhood Association can become a 501 C3 if we have some bylaws which include a vision and mission statement.  There was positive agreement to this and some discussion about possible starts or directions for the mission statement.  (Where Inclusion Begins; Coming together of 2 Rivers; Bridging the Past to the Future; Where the Past Meets the Future)

  • Idea of Rummage Sale was discussed and a small percentage given toward the Association.  Roxie will check with the Pools to see if their school grounds can be used.  (and/or Brenda Bell’s yard.)

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