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Neighborhood Meeting - Minutes

Thursday, June 22nd     5:30 to 6:45 PM

Meeting opened in prayer and we ate HOT Chicken Wings.  Be sure to thank Hip Hop!

Introductions - Many new people came to this meeting.  Thanks for investing your time!

2nd Panama Park Come Together – (Neighborhood-Wide Event held on June 3rd in park)

  • Discussion about what was good and how to improve even more next time.

  • Councilman Gaffney attended – he recognized a need to work with us on our park and other needs in the neighborhood! He is willing!!

  • We need volunteers to help with the planning of our next event.

Panama Youth Services

Willie Green (CEO/Exec. Dir. Panama Youth Services) attended this meeting and shared how they have hired police to be at the Boy’s Home every night throughout the summer.  He encourages neighbors to speak to the boys directly if they see suspicious behavior. He suggests even using his name, and call the office in the day time, or the boy’s home in the evenings. 
                              Office: (904) 527 – 3953   Boy’s Home: (904) 619-8927

Safety in our Neighborhood

  • Concerns were brought up like pan handling, drugs, and speeding.

  • Dean Hoskins shared what was reported at the last Sherriff’s Watch meeting   *Crime is down even though the JSO is currently low on police officers.* *Attending the next Sheriff’s Watch Meeting July 20th was recommended.*

  • James Eddy encouraged people make noise! (regarding needs, fears and concerns)
    Call JSO: (904) 630-0500 
    Write JSO: 501 E. Bay Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202
    Report to JSO on line:

Announcements and Upcoming Events

  • Sherriff’s Watch Meetings 7:00 PM Third Thursdays (July 20) Carolina Apartments.

  • Sign up for Women’s Bible Reading Group – contact Roxie (515-7944)

  • Donate toward next meeting’s meal

Next Month’s Meeting July 27th 5:30 PM (or every fourth Thursday). 
In the white building behind the church at 63rd. and Main Street.  

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