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PP Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

Thursday, Sept. 27, 2018   5:30 - 6:45 PM

Charlie Joseph Senior Citizen Center

Pot Luck:  Home-made Chili, mac-n-cheese, and cupcakes disappeared quickly.


Welcome and blessing – Cynthia Scott


Introduction of all present (18 in all) We were again graced with Cinthia Smith, her Mother and her Aunt (who is our neighbor). Ms. Smith is running for District 4 School Board, be sure to check out what she stands for!  Also, two neighbors who see each other every day as one walks her dogs by the other’s house, were able to meet in our meeting tonight.    


Last month’s meeting minutes approved  

Our City Library won the soar-with-reading $.  Also a new library is approved for Ocean Way!  

LISC matching funds -  David Lass found four fields that LISC (and the NFL) has helped and listed what each one had.  In contacting LISC Tom McLeod found there are some more steps to the application process that we need to keep working on if we would like the funds of the city to be matched.  We also discussed the improvements that the city would make to the playground should we choose to use the money from the city alone.  There was a vote and it was unanimous to keep the capital money from the city set aside for the possibility of doubling or more. Tom will do more investigation into meeting the application needs. There was a suggestion that we could also increase the money by involving businesses. Dr. Williams, our Councilman’s Assistant said she and Councilman Gaffney will be talking with the Park’s Department head, Daryl Joseph to make sure that this delay will not jeopardize the money and won't penalize us from getting future money that may also be allocated to our park. 


Panama Park Community Development Corporation There is now a federally recognized CDC that can help Panama Park Association when ever someone might want to donate a building, land, or a football field!  


Panama Park Come Together – Our 4th Come Together is May 18th, 2019.

We will be adding a Job Fair to our Come Together this year where our local business will not only have a table, but also be ready to hire!  Many signed up to volunteer in our meeting, however we still need volunteers who will help with publicity building neighboring business participation. Check out where you can help at  Or, contact Roxie McLeod 515-7944 if you are interested in volunteering for our 4th annual PPCT.


Police Presence in Panama Park – One neighbor brought up that police who used to patrol our neighborhood have been allotted to higher crime neighborhoods.  While we recognize this means crime may be going down in Panama Park, it leaves us feeling unsafe.  It was recommended that we, as a group will attend the Sheriff’s Watch meeting on Oct. the 18th.  Also, Next Door is announcing that there is a “Coffee with a Cop Day” on Oct 3rd at 8-10 AM at Social Grounds on Main Street.​

Halloween - Some Neighbors discussed the possibility of “Trunk or Treat” event in park parking lot for Halloween. (Contact Shavali Lansford (904) 609-8484)


6:40 - Announcements and Upcoming Events

  • Our Website:

  • Next Door - Get the app or sign up online at

  • Facebook Page - Please like our Facebook page, Panama Park Neighborhood @PanamaParkNeighbors

  • Coffee with a Cop Day on Wednesday, Oct 3rd. 8-10 AM - At Social Grounds on Main St.

  • Sheriff's Watch Meeting (Carolina Oaks 5175 North Main St) Oct. 18 (7:00 PM) 

  • Next Month’s PPNA Meeting Oct. 25, same local, same time, Potluck sign up or suggestions for what restaurant can donate…


6:45 - Close Meeting – Tom McLeod


Highlights - Thursday, Sept. 27, 2018  

  • 18 neighbors met (two of whom see each other every day, but now know each other’s names!). 

  • Park allocated money can be doubled or used now.  After discussion, we agreed to delay voting on the use of these funds to investigate further the steps needed to meet LISC and NFL requirements. Present at the meeting was Dr. Williams, our Councilman’s Administrative Assistant, who said she and Councilman Gaffney will be talking with the Park’s Department head, Daryl Joseph to make sure that these capitol funds will remain available to us.

  • We discussed police presence in our neighborhood and many agreed to attend together the Sheriff's Watch Meeting on Oct. 18 at Carolina Oaks 7:00PM.

  • Still need volunteers to help with the Panama Park Come Together (go to Or, contact Roxie McLeod 515-7944)

  • Next Panama Park Neighborhood Association Meeting is October 25.


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