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Panama Park Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

Thursday, February. 27, 2020  

5:30 - 6:45 PM  Charlie Joseph Senior Citizen Center

Pot Luck including Fried Chicken
was brought by Neighbors: Cassie, Angela, Katie and Roxie


5:30 – Total of 13 neighbors were present to welcome our guest speaker. After eating and introductions we voted to approve January’s meeting minutes. 

5:45 –Special Guest Speaker:  Kelly Rich from S.P.A.R.: Springfield Preservation and Revitalization shared how her own neighborhood was improved over recent years and how many small businesses came into the neighborhood.  She shared about their annual events and Springfield, our closest neighbor just south of us, welcomes us to join them any time.  see their website
Our own Panama Park Neighborhood Association will implement their idea of featuring different neighbors "meet your neighbor".


6:15 – Report from Community Yard Sale Mtg: Tom, Katie, Cynthia, and Cassie who met on Feb. 9. In summary, they postponed the Yard Sale till after May – after the Come Together.  They decided that a Fish Fry would not bring in the money needed for a city grant, and they discussed Street Lights in more detail and starting a Monthly Spot Light much like Kelly Rich had shared regarding “meet your neighbor”.  (See their detailed notes below)


6:30 –Panama Park Come Together May 16th

            *Need Volunteers to help with food, activities, planning, and marketing.
            * All help with fund raising.  (Letter) and site visits.


6:40 - Announcements and Upcoming Events

  • Our Website:

  • Next Door - Get the app or sign up online at

  • Facebook Page - Panama Park Neighborhood @PanamaParkNeighbors

  • Sheriff’s Watch Meeting (Carolina Oaks-5175 North Main St) March 19th @ 7:00pm

  • Next Month’s PPNA Meeting March. 26  - Pot Luck


6:45 – Meeting Closed in prayer by Roxie McLeod


Meeting Notes

Panama Park Neighborhood

Yard Sale Committee Minutes

Sunday, February. 9, 2020    5:00 - 6:45 PM

At the McLeod's Home


Present: Tom McLeod, Roxie McLeod, Cassie Cotton, Katie Hunter, and Taylor Edwards


5:05 – Welcome Cassie Cotton to the Committee.


5:10 – Reviewing last months notes/tasks


5:45 –  Yard Sale: Will be placed on a hold for 6 month until our Panama Park Come Together is over in May.  It will give adequate planning time to host the event.


6:00 – Fish Fry: The Fish Fry will not bring in the money that we need for the grant and will            be more work than we have workers for.


6:15 – Street Lights: We need a committee to work on the vision and mission of the Panama Park Neighborhood Association as well as the job description for the Street Lights. Discuss what they will and won’t be doing. (We need roughly 70 of these Street Lights)  They will help to shine the light to let our neighbors see what the PPNA has         accomplished so far for the neighborhood:

●     Public Works: Sidewalks, Rail Crossings, Pot Holes / Road Damages

●    More Police Presence

●    Showcase more highlights on Social Media to bring more neighbors to our events-Children/families are invited.

6:30 –Monthly Spot Light Committee:The need for monthly “Spot Lights” will be featuring a             picture and interview with a neighbor to get to know some of our neighbors. 

●    (Will really focus on the neighbors that we know, have lived in the neighborhood the longest, as well as local businesses. 

●    Cassie Cotton and Katie Hunter have volunteered to start this Committee.


6:45 - Close Meeting

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