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PP Neighborhood Meeting Minutes
March 28, 2024  

PP Neighborhood Meeting Meeting
Thursday, March 28, 2024, 5:30 - 6:45 PM
Charlie Joseph Senior Citizen Center 

5:30 – 14 Neighbors were in attendance and ate potluck together.
6:00 - Meeting Opened by Roxie and Introductions (Symbols)
6:10 – Mission and Vision read by all.
6:12 – Minutes from the last meeting (Moved:   Tom     Seconded: __Nancy___    Accepted:  _YES__ )
6:20 – CPAC – Tom and Roxie are now members – making Panama Park Neighborhood Association more in touch with our city. Items covered…
-The Sheriff’s Wath meeting is April 23 and they will put cones for easier parking.
-There is a Monopoly competition on May 18. Register by May 11-  
6:25 – Community Garden – Committee Report

  • Garden Work-Days April 6 and April 20. 9:00 AM to Noon - Priorities: Weeding, build table and potato box.    

  • Garden Leader Training – April and May on Monday nights. (Extension office)

  • Water meter Is being re-submitted to JEA. 

  • Electricity – Parks Dept. will be adding better lighting to park perimeter and will consider our electrical needs at that time.

  • Great Report by Bill on how many neighbors are gathering at the Garden more frequently than the workdays.

  • Fencing is still waiting on the contractors to give a date for installation.

  • We checked with a master gardener at the Extension office, and they said wait on the small tree that possibly shades the garden and re-evaluate in three years regarding removal – it was pruned.  (call was made 3-1-24)

  • Please pass the word on to people.

6:25 – Guest Speaker – Councilwoman Ju’Coby Pittman could not attend – will reschedule.

6:30 – New Business
   -Tom announced the selling of the land on Trout River Drive and we voted to send the new owners a forma letter from PPNA.  Christie Kennedy will draft it and Roxie will polish and deliver it. 

    -James Eddy shared a list of things broken in the park that need repair.  If anyone wishes to add to the list, please contact him or Roxie.  (904) 515-7944 

   - No time to cover the other items on the agenda, we will add Block Parties and Spotlights to next month’s agenda.

6:40 - Old Business:

The Public Works Department has street sweep scheduled for every 6 weeks and mowing every month. Let’s keep it clean between! Called them 3-26-24
JSO now has a report open regarding the 4 wheeler neighbor as of 2-29-24.

7:00 - Closed meeting reminding of the announcements below

●     Our Website:  Police (904) 630-0500  One call 630-CITY (2489)
●     Next Door - Get the app or sign up online at
●     Facebook Page - Panama Park Neighbors @PanamaParkNeighbors
●     NW CPAC meeting April 11 , 6:00pm Legends Center, 5130 Soutel Dr.
●     Next Sheriff’s Watch  - April 23rd at 6:00PM SIAA Building 210 W. 7th Street.
●     Next Month’s PPNA Meeting is April 25th (4th Thursday)  Bring a neighbor!

 Mission Statement: “Cultivating a flourishing neighborhood by leveraging our resources to build a safe, resilient and inclusive community and promote neighborhood pride.”

Vision Statement: “Uniting Panama Park Neighbors to produce a thriving community”.




Great attendance!

Guest Speaker couldn’t come, but we managed to fill the whole time with:

  • Food, laughter, and apples.

  • Reports on progress in the Garden.

  • List of repairs needed in the park.

  • Announcements like a new business coming into our neighborhood.

Next meeting will be April 25 (4th Thursday).


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